Ri.Ch Factory was created from a place of pride… African Pride. We are proud to showcase our heritage and culture as Africans. Africa has always been a source of inspiration for modern art ,fashion and culture. Our identity continues to inspire the world, even today African soil have given birth to creative thinkers  with vision and raw talent. At this very moment the world is watching and more and more creatives, artist, designers, visual artists and musicians are drawing inspiration from Africa. Our message is simple, our melanin is popping and Africa isn’t the future, Africa is now.


Ri.Ch Factory – made in Africa for the world stage_dsc1870


Levi’s tailor shop take over

Getting a call to take over the Levi’s tailor shop was an unexpected but oh so needed one. There aren’t so many moments where you just get to play creatively and have fun with fabrics and textures you wouldn’t usually use.  We were given a Levis trucker jacket, distressed the denim, put some African print on, added some use beads and just played! Each jacket was unique to the customer and played on their personalities.

SA fashion week 2017 collection

Our debut collection at SA fashion week was filled with bright colors, fun silhouettes and a mix of structure and Asian references. We had the honor of collaborating with Aero for SAFW. We were asked to create a collection inspired by #letgofashion. this brief allowed me to day dream to my happy fashion place where one can let go, enjoy a moment, take a fashion chance and have fun. A fun mix ofthe range was accompanied by music from African legend Fela Kuti Ri.chFactory_AW18-n-620x932